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Fluxmeter B1

[Fluxmeter B1]Battery powered handheld fluxmeter using two measuring ranges and attenuator from 10-100%. With digital LCD-display, analog output 0-200 mV. Possibility to connect a foot switch for the reset function.
Measurement Constant: 10 E-6 Vs/digit
10 E-5 Vs/digit.
Input: Ri = 10 kOhm. 50 hours measuring time with one 9 Volt battery.


Operation Manual for B1

Fluxmeter B2

with USB interface

[Fluxmeter B2]

Electronic integrator of high sensitivity and very low drift. Equipped with USB interface, maximum/minimum store and comparator. 4 Measuring ranges. Constants of measuring from 10 E-7 to 10 E-4 Vs/digit.
Attenuator from 10-100%. Digital 3 ½ digit LED-display and analog output 0-200 mV. Possibility to connect a foot switch for the reset function.
Input: Ri = 10 kOhm.


Operation Manual for B2

Fluxmeter B3

[Fluxmeter B3]

Electronic integrator of high sensitivity and extremely low drift. Equipped with RS 232 interface, maximum minimum store and comparator.
4 measurement ranges. Constants of measuring ranging from
Vs/digit to 10E-4 Vs/digit.

Attenuator from 10-100 %. Digital LED-display and analog output 0-200mV. Possibility to connect a foot switch for the reset function.
2 inputs: Ri = 0 Ohm and 10 kOhm.


Moment Measuring Coils (Helmholtz)

[Momentspule nach Helmholtz]For measurement of the magnetic moment of magnetized parts and for generation of homogeneous magnet fields with easy access.
Inner diameters from 20 - 1040 mm.
X-Y and X-Y-Z coils are also available. Typical serial coils are the following types: MS 20, MS 75, MS 150, MS 210, MS 440.


Search Coils and Field Measuring Coils

[Feldspulen und Sonderspulen]

to measure the magnetic flux on magnets or in the airgap of magnet systems.

Available types
: FS 100, FS 1000 and point measuring coils.


Potential Measuring Coils

[Potentialspulen]To measure the magnetic potential of magnets, magnet systems and their surroundings.
Available types: PS 40, PS 100, PS 250 and
PS 800.


J-compensated Surrounding Coils

[J-kompensierte Umspulen]With incorporated field coils. For plotting B-H (J) hysterese curves at room temperature. The following types are available: JH 6-2, JH 10-1, JH 15-1, JH 20-1, JH 26-1, JH 42-1, JH 66-1, JH 42-2 and
JH 66-2.
Also available as Temperature Surrounding Coils for plotting of hysteresis curves at temperatures of up to 200 °C. The following types are available: JHT 10-2, JHT 15-2, JHT 26-2 and JHT 40-2.


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